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One of the little memories….


I sat across a pregnant lady tonight at a crabfeed fundraiser. During our chat I learned that there will be 6 yrs difference between her two kids. So in illustrating the unbelievable bonding I’ve observed between siblings with a wider gap in age, I told her a story that I have repeated many times in similar occasions.  – So I decide to leave it here for you two to read one day.

Nana was less than a year old.  you both were playing with separate toys when I left the room.  I came back to find Salihi  quietly crying in a corner, so I asked what happened. He pointed to Nana saying: She took all the toys.  Yep, Nana was surrounded by ALL of the toys. She had crawled over to his side and collected the few of the toys Salihi was playing with.  So I took one of the Salihi’s Hot Wheel and another toy and hand them back to him.

Nana went off whaling bloody murder…… then I get my first jaw-dropping moment when Salihi not only run to her, handed her back the 2 toys, and while  hugging her,  turned against me yelling: you don’t make my sister cry!!!   followed by the 2nd jaw-dropping:  watching him quiet her down, then walked back into his little corner empty hands to continue his silent-tearful-cheeks- cry for no toy to play with.

I stood there watching the whole scene and soaking in its little-bitter sweet feelings. He would rather silently cried empty hands in his corner than see her cry.!!!!  – Oh the siblings bonds….. when one of them really feels its their duties to be the other protector and defense-shield!!….

I have so many of these moments. – Such as one afternoon I left Nana with the Thomas and went to pick up Salihi from School. When he entered the car and saw her car seat empty, he asked: where is Nana? I teasefully answered: I gave her away. Few minutes later I noticed that he wasn’t telling me about his day as he usually does. the car was too quiet; so I turned to see him silently crying. I panicked, pulled over, and went to the back seat touching and feeling his body for pain, fever,…and asked what’s wrong? To which he answered tearfully: You gave my baby away!! and it hurts!!! – Yep, my absent-minded tease was not funny! not a bit to this big bother who truly believe his sister is HIS BABY!!


As I was telling the expecting lady at the table tonight, it is my observation that when the age gap is bit wide from 4 yrs up, the siblings bonds become more of protector/protectee with an almost non-existing bickering that usually exist between siblings of narrower gap.  – Just my observation! and an opportunity to leave a little memories for you 2. 🙂