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The Talk – Part-I (1)


I must say that it was a long time coming.

it has been brewing for months now. A bit more precisely towards the end of last school year after the week of the lesson on “family planning”.

on our way home from school, Salihi blurred out: mommy do you known what an erection is and what happened to a penis when you have one?

Me: that’s a conversation to have in private.

to which Nana jumped in: b’cos I am here?

Salihi: yes; and you must be a 4th grader too

To which Nana replied after a moment of silence: well, I’ll just have to google it!

Thanks technology! (note to self: really tighten the parental-control’s words search on her laptop!)

And that was the end of that conversation.

Fast forward to several weeks later in 2nd week of August, Salihi came back from school one evening at the moment of kissing us goodnight, made sure Nana wasn’t around and hesitantly uttered:

 I have something to ask you two-

We: yes.

salihi: do you guys have sex?

Dead silence…. then

We: why? why do you asked?

Salihi: b’cos my friends at school were talking and one of them said all parents have sex and I said not my parents and my friend said that if I was born naturally,  not adopted or otherwise, then yes my parents do have sex. So I would like to know if that is true.

Dead silence again……… then saved by Nana arrival.

…. (To be cont’d).