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Reading ‘Soulshine Traveler’ blog yesterday prompted me to post this, not only to relate my life’s dream, but more importantly with the hope of getting some informational comments as well.

When I was young, I have always envisioned my old-self as world traveler moving from places to places on volunteer jobs or assignments to help in general and more specifically drawn to any cause for the betterment of children (yes, I am such a sucker for them).  As much as I love kids, having my own was more on the back-burner in my mind for several reasons ranking from the almost impossibly high standards I have for a man qualify as dad to my children,… the unhappiness of marriages around which I’ve grown up, …. to my own-difficult character and simple yet really high demands in relationship. So the idea of travelling the world while helping was more realistic, thus front vision I had for myself. 

Then I met my husband and the back burner became very much front. And as much in love I am with my children, my soul still craves that longing to be on the volunteer-move. So I enjoy my kids now… with the plan that as soon as they leave home for college, I will find and make my way back to  what I call my “soul-fulfillment”.

But in the meantime, I would very much love to still find project or organizations or ways to still take my kids to help, volunteer on each vacation travel we go on. – Personally, I feel that this is my way of keeping a foot in that domain so that by the time my kids are grown I won’t also outgrow that longing and become miserable for life. Plus I have seen the huge giving heart my kids are born with and would love to nurture that trait in them.

So please, if you know of any organization that coordinate family vacations w/specific project or a site that does something similar, please post-comment it here for me. I would love to plan our family vacation according to these needs… where out of 7 days vacation – 2 days can be spent volunteering or giving in whatever country we go to.

Please let me know.

Thanks very much.

Who tries nothing gets nothing! & Failure is always better than fear. 

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  1. I don’t know of any programs but I think schools and orphanages are always a good place to start. Last we went to the Philippines, we visited don’s and my mom’s old elementary school, brought supplies and just spent time with them. Such an awesome experience. We were lucky that we had family members who were able to purchase household necessities and food in advance, and in our small town, we were able to hand out bags of these items to many families. Nothing big at all (toiletries, rice, canned foods, etc). I agree with you, nana and salihi are natural givers and encouragers. You guys will touch many people’s lives.

    Btw, you’re coming saturday, right?

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