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A Lot To Be Thankful For


I am thankful to God for compassionate children! 🙂

Salihi & Nana came this morning with me to my ‘bloom’ session from 9:15am ’til about 12pm. They sat nicely working through their homeworks until end of session at  11am; then while I was responding to some of the ladies’ questions, they played with some the kids at the shelters. This was Salihi’s 1st time there, so he asked what the place was and  after explaining to him what a shelter is, he was shocked to learn that the kids he had been playing with, reside at the shelter. At his request, I took him to the dorm area where he became speechless at the number of beds, thus people sharing one room. Then follow a lenghty conversation to address his questions from why are they here? why don’t they have home? do they kids did something bad? do they parents do something bad? are they going to live there for ever? to….many, many others. I tried my best to answer them in as much as factual, non judgemental as possible, and in general terms at his level of comprehension. We ended our conversation with me emphasizing to them (him and Nana, at this point we are in the car on our way to lunch) that the most important thing to remember is that,  today the parents (especially the moms) have decided to make better choices for their lives and the lives of their kids, and that is why they have chosen to go through the shelter and its programs in order to get a job, and keep a home for their kids. And that’s what they need to remember most – that the people are making better choices now. 

And here comes my thankful moment: “then mommy can we give the kids our toys? or some of our clothes? our shoes? …?” They both started coming up with ideas as to how they can sort out their things and give away some, or how we can buy additional foods to give them, Or wander if they can come the next time with me so they can play with, or reading to the kids? or maybe help with the babies so their mom can go do their works?…. I was bombarded by both with questions and suggestions on how they can help at the shelter. – This is one of the moments I am truly thankful for. Thank you God for giving me very compassionate children!! Thank you for their lives, please keep their big-hearts and give them sight to deduct and void abuses of that good heart. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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