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Salihi’s Who runs the World :-) & Re-incarnation (?)


Friday 12/16/11 – Last day of school before the winter/holidays break. I’ve just picked up the kids from school and we are in the car on our way home. Out of nowhere Salihi starts the following conversation:

S: Nana did you why it is girls who run the world? (& this Beyonce’s song was not even playing on the car radio or anywhere in the car)

N: no

S: it is because it’s the girls who give birth to babies. So b’cos of them, it is like this big family who never runs out. So without girls we won’t have people to make the world, that’s why it is ‘girls’ who run the world.


Then He proceeded to add the following as well:

S: Nana, you know what, whenever a baby is being born, God takes the spirit of  someone who is dead to put it into the new baby.

N: So if I come back as a new baby, will my name still be Nana Cisse?

S: No Nana, when you come back as a new baby, you don’t remember anything about your old life. you  will forget everything when you die before you come back.

N: No I won’t

S: Yes you will when you die first before  coming back as a new baby.

N: (to me) mommy is that true? will I forget my name and everything?

To which I answered by asking Salihi: Where do you get that idea from?

S: from my head

Me: How? did someone told you about that?

S: No mommy! I just think that God just put the spirit of people who die into making the new babies who are born!!

N: So Salihi, if I die, will I come back as a brown baby again?

S: No Nana a brown person can come back as a white baby or yellow baby and a white person can come back as a brown baby. it doesn’t matter what color they are.

N: Me I want to come back as Nana Cisse again  with long hair like now and I’m not going to forget anything.

S: Yes you will (and a little game of  ‘no I won’t’  ‘yes you will’ started on from there).

What stunned me during this exchange between them is the high confidence Salihi showed while speaking – He was so sure of what he was saying and yet had no idea that there was a label-word for what he was talking about.